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Thursday, February 24, 2011
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Sponsored by the CHS Hancock Library Media Center




The Cairo High School Library's Adopt-a-Book program provides an exceptional opportunity to combine a love of books and learning with the desire to support your local high school library's collection development. 

With library enhancement funds growing smaller and smaller each year, your contribution to the Adopt-a-Book program allows the Cairo High School Library to purchase one or more books to help in our continuing quest to develop an outstanding library collection that meets the academic needs of the students and teachers of Cairo High School.

An attractive bookplate is placed inside the front cover of each adopted book noting the person(s) honored and if desired, information about the donor(s). The Library sends acknowledgement letters, including book title(s), to those who have made the contribution. The Library also provides options for donors who may wish to remain anonymous.

Each donation of $25 supports one title selected by the librarians. The word "title" refers to a recently published item in a subject that supports a current collection development need of the Library.

Please clearly print all information below and mail to: Debbie Childs, Cairo High School Hancock Library Media Center, 455 5th Street S. E., Cairo, GA   39828.

Person(s) making the Adopt-a-Book donation


Mailing address for acknowledging gift and providing documents for tax deduction


Person(s) the Adopt-a-Book is Honoring, Celebrating, or Memorializing


Type of Adopt-a-Book / Desired Wording Option (circle one)

  • In Honor of
  • In Memory of
  • In Commemoration of

Payment Options:

Please make your check payable to Cairo High School Library Fund (Please be sure to mark Adopt-A-Book on the check)


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